Upcoming Events

This months training session will take place at the Crown Plaza and will start at 6 pm sharp so please come and register between 5.30 and 6pm.

Please join us Tuesday October 24 at 6pm sharp for a training session with social media expert Angélique Binet as she teaches us – “How to Optimize Your Facebook Page Without Wasting Money”. Facebook has become a very effective way to market yourself and your business if done correctly. So grab your laptop, write down your passwords and come along and learn some new techniques to get you top of mind with your target audience.


Angélique Binet from Social Media Love has more than 25 years of communications experience as a journalist in France and in Canada. She also works in public relations specializing in marketing and social media. In the last 6 years she has taken care of many social media communities, helping them grow their number of engaged fans and active customers. From various industry sectors to small business owners to community organizations, Angélique has spoken about the power of social media marketing to many. Her clients often say she allows them to be creative, authentic and get closer to people. She helps her clients increase their visibility and capitalize on their uniqueness.

When she isn’t coaching clients, she’s busy planning workshops, making films for YouTube, and spending time with her dog and family. You can reach Angélique on any of her social media platforms. @socialmedialove for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or @angeliquebinet on Snapchat, Twitter or Linked In.  Her website is socialmedialove.wordpress.com